Free stars android

The night sky has always fascinated us. The stars, our moon, and the nearby planets have always been inexplicably captivating.

Free stars android

However, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets gives us an opportunity to augment our experience, and learn even more about the universe. Using the build-in gyroscope and accelerometer in your device, this astronomy app from Vito Technology lets you hold up your phone to match the screen against the backdrop of the sky. In a sense, this is an augmented reality experience that helps you identify and learn about celestial bodies.

And thanks to the incredible 3D models included with this app, you can get a close-up look at these distant objects in a way you never could with a simple consumer-grade telescope.

With this affordable little app, famed British physicist Brian Cox walks us through some of the most amazing aspects of our universe. Featuring gorgeous 3D models, hours of video content, and hundreds of interactive articles, Wonders of the Universe is well worth a measly two bucks. Cosmos, the original series hosted by Carl Sagan, marked the beginning of my love of science.

Now, the entire 13 episode run is available on Netflix, and this free app serves as a companion piece. There are a few reports of some compatibility issues for certain devices and operating system versions, but the app is completely free.

And despite dwindling support from the US government, NASA is still an incredible resource for knowledge and inspiration. Got another favorite app? Let us know in the comments below. Home Mobile The 6 best astronomy apps for your phone or tablet.

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We use smartphones to do our daily chores, from getting news updates to an extensive chit-chat with our dearest friends. But, as an astronomy lover, do you know that you can always do a little more with your phone. Yes, there are several astronomy apps that you can use to unleash your inner astronomer.

These apps can help you find the locations of various stars, planets, satellites, and much more. Below is a list of both free and paid astronomy apps that you can try. Man must rise above the Earth-to the top of the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. Star Rover is a great app to learn about constellations.

After learning about your current position, the app helps you identify planets, stars, moons, and constellations within the area of its view — the app updates in real-time as you move your smartphone in different directions.

Star Rover can identify more thanstars, all 88 constellations, and stores information about many Messier objects as well as the Milky Way. Put your camera to work. Although the app is free, you can always unlock various planets and stars with in-app purchases. Cosmic Watch is an AR-assisted 3D planetarium that allows you to explore and study stars, constellation, and the entire solar system.

The app comes with a clock, using which you can go back in time on in the future to understand how time affects the location of astronomical objects. It can also calculate or predict major astronomical events. The app offers layered information and separate view modes for the solar system, including the heliocentric and geocentric view.

It can be best used as an educational tool to get a basic understanding of the field. Here is a question, can we see the ISS with the naked eye?. Well, with appropriate location and ISS Detector, sure you can.

This cool Android app can notify you in advance with an alarm, minutes before the ISS flyby over the horizon.

Also, with in-app purchase, you can track other human-made objects such as SpaceX Starlink and the Hubble space telescope. With this app, you can also familiarize yourself with asteroids as it supports up to asteroids and many Dwarf planets.

Pocket Universe is a great app for beginners. This app is great for learning the names of various constellations, bright stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies.Our ancestors viewed the starry sky every night. In their minds and imaginations, they formed stars into unique objects that we now call constellations. They also told stories of how these constellations came to be. We have even sent space missions to discover the mysteries of outer space.

With the rapid improvement of Android smartphones, you can also discover the stars and planets right on your Android device. During a clear night sky, you can see a lot of shiny objects glittering above you. Some are stars, while others are planets.

If you want to know which are stars and which are planets, use the Sky Map app to view the night sky. If you see a shiny star in the night sky, just open the app and point it in the direction of the star. The app will automatically display the star and its name. You can also view constellations with this app, allowing you to locate the hunter Orion as it sets and the watch the scorpion as it rises. Aside from stars, you can also view the planets.

You can also view the location of the moon and the sun with Sky Map. Searching for stars and planets is easy. Just like the Sky Map app, the Star Chart app lets you see the stars and the planets right on your Android device. The difference between the two is that the Star Chart app lets you enjoy a more animated and illustrated star viewing experience. Look out to the night sky and find Orion and his shiny belt.

Look for the half man and half horse constellation Centaur. Search for the symbol of justice embedded in the night sky. You will also be amazed by its cool effects such as the blazing light as you point your device to the sun. You can also tap the star or planet to view more information such as its distance, image, size, and much more. This app lets you browse cool pictures of the comets, stars, planets, and much more. Just open the app and pick a picture you of what to download as a wallpaper.

Download the twinkling stars of the night sky, the amazing images of the Cone Nebula, an astronaut walking on the moon, a meteorite and its long tail of dust, the aerial view of the earth, and much more. Each picture also includes a brief description so you will get to know more about the image.

You can add to your knowledge about space and planets while putting new and cool images on your Android device. You can also view space pictures and watch popular videos made by NASA. If you have inherited the blood of a werewolf and you want to monitor the activity of the moon, you should use the Moon Phase Pro app on your Android device. This app helps you monitor the phases and activities of the moon right from your Android device. You can swipe the moon and check when it will achieve a full moon phase or a waxing crescent phase.

You can also tilt and view the moon from the other side by sliding the screen with two fingers. The app will also tell you when the moon will set and when it will rise.

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The app also features a moon calendar. This feature lets you view the phases of the moon on each day of the month. The app also lets you add the current phase of the moon as a live wallpaper on your Android device. Whether for moon bathing, or preparing for your werewolf transformation, use the Moon Phase Pro to keep track of the phases of the moon.

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Free stars android

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How can you tell if an Android app is safe? Publisher's Description. Full Specifications. Screenshots Next Back. Desktop Customization.Star Chart offers you a virtual window into the universe, enabling you to identify any stars, planets, or constellations you point your device at even during the day, as well as providing an engaging 3D exploration mode and all the encyclopedic information you need about everything in space.

Fantastic concept: Using GPS, Google space data, and a beautifully rendered 3D galaxy, Star Chart helps you recognize the major constellations, a planet, or an obscure star, by just pointing your device at it, without the need to scroll or move, and without requiring online access or even the download of any data package. Wonderfully rich: Although this app displaysstars, 88 constellations enhanced with digitized artwork created by the 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius, Messier objects, all the major planets and, through upgrades, even meteor showers, comets, and satellites, it somehow manages to work smoothly on a mobile device, having a decent loading time and a responsive navigation that lets you easily tap on objects to get essential data about them, including size and distance.

Great features: Time Shift for viewing the universe up to 10, years in the future or back in time and the straightforward but highly practical voice control commands further enrich the star-gazing experience this app provides.

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Somewhat unresponsive AR mode: The app's key feature, the AR mode for recognizing celestial objects when you point your device at the sky, stops working every now and then, requiring a restart. Interface could be improved: While the 3D graphics are beautifully rendered, the design elements used in the pop-up menus offering more information about the selected objects as well as the splash screens could do with some polishing.

With its wonderful concept and wealth of knowledge and features, Star Chart proves to be an unforgettable app. It wouldn't be an overstatement to name this one of the most remarkable Android apps available, especially since it's free and has no ads.

This app is practically a virtual telescope that makes stargazing a treat regardless of your location or the weather conditions. Used by over 30 million people world-wide, Star Chart provides a magical star gazing experience like no other.

Free stars android

We are aware that a few devices exhibit issues like missing settings button and AR mode not working. We are working on fixes, and will notify you as soon as we fixes are live. You can now have a virtual planetarium in your pocket! Look through the eyes of your Android device to see a virtual window into the whole visible universe.

All you have to do is point your Android device at the sky and Star Chart will tell you exactly what you are looking at.

Using state of the art GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe, and all of the latest high tech functionality, Star Chart calculates - in real time - the current location of every star and planet visible from Earth and shows you precisely where they are; even in broad daylight! Want to know what that bright star is called? Point your device at it - you might just find out it's a planet!

Want to know what the night sky looks like to people on the other side of the earth? Well just point your device down!

Allows you to view the night sky whilst holding your Android device at any angle.Mars will be brighter in the sky than usual on Friday, brighter than it has appeared in 15 years. Friday, July 27 also marks a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. Stargazing is great year-round, but Friday is maybe the best night of to go outside and look up.

With augmented reality technology and a smartphone — plus a few bucks for a premium app — you can get the most out of your stargazing experience.

The night sky tracker and can help you find constellations, according to its description.

Free stars android

Star Walk 2 shows a sky map on your screen in whatever direction you are pointing your device. So when you go out to check out Mars in the night sky, open it up, and play around with the app until you find the bright planet. In a fun twist, Sky Chart will even let you point your phone down at the ground to see what people who are on the other side of the world can see in their sky. The base versions of SkySafari seem to be free for both Android and iOS users, but the versions of the app are different.

The description for SkyView Free in the Google Play store reads that it uses your camera to identify celestial objects, during the day or at night. It can even help you find the Hubble Space Telescope when you point your device at the sky. It should be a breeze to find Mars at opposition with any of these apps.

It really all depends on which one you like best, and what you want to pay for them. Happy stargazing! Such a confluence of dope celestial events calls for the first semi-annual Inverse Dope Space Week! Be sure to join our private Dope Space Pics Facebook group to share in the stranger wonder of space all year long.

Josie Rhodes Cook. Here are the five best stargazing apps for iPhone and Android. Augmented reality stargazing, as seen in the Star Walk 2 app. This illustration by Star Chart of what its app can do is eye-popping. Star Chart.

Related Tags Google. Results for:.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Originally developed as Google Sky Map, it has now been donated and open sourced. Does your phone have a compass? If not, Sky Map cannot tell your orientation. Are there any magnets or metal nearby that might interfere with the compass?

Try switching off "magnetic correction" in settings and see if that is more accurate. Why is autolocation not supported for my phone? In Android 6 the way permissions work has changed. We have a better solution coming soon! Do I need an internet connection? No, but some functions like entering your location manually won't work without one.

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You'll have to use the GPS or enter a latitude and longitude instead. Can I help test the latest features? Join our beta testing program and get the latest version. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Terminal Eleven. Constellation Map. Point your device to the sky and this app will display the names of the stars. Vito Technology. Star Chart. Escapist Games Limited.

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